Hiding your commands from the Grue: Zork over https

By Tim Lefler (@tlefca) on 2016-09-28

What’s up

Howdy internet folks.

So, many of you read my article Grues in the workplace: How to play Zork in Slack from a few years ago, and have taken me up on my offer to host your Zork games for your Slack teams, and it has gone very well. So much interst and love on Twitter, so thank you.

This was just a quick update to say hey, I've made a change (for the better) that affects you. If you've created a Zork integration on your Slack team which connects to http://tlef.ca/projects/restful-frotz, you will need to update it to https://tlef.ca/projects/restful-frotz.

All of tlef.ca is moving to https, and this affects your Zork games as well.

Why not just make my game work over http?

I thought about it, but I decided against it. As an engineer on the platform team at Slack, we want as much security as we can provide, and even though we do not enfoce encrypted connections for custom integrations (like outgoing webhooks), it's always a better way to go. So with that, I'm enforcing https on all connections to tlef.ca.

Do I need to do anything else?

Nope, just edit your outgoing webhook URL to point to https://tlef.ca instead of http and you're set.


Any questions, comments or improvements, feel free to tweet me at @tlefca