Hosted Zork 2019 update

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Hosted Zork 2019 update

Fri Feb 1, 2019

⚔️ Welcome adventurers!

You’re probably here because your hosted Zork integration stopped working.

Well first, I’d like to say thank you for using my hosted Frotz/Zork service, and sorry I’ve put a halt in your quest.

Secondly, don’t worry, it hasn’t disappeared, just moved, and we’ll require a small update on your end to get you back up and running.

Just follow the instructions below to get your workspace back up and running.

Update Instructions

If you followed my previous instructions here, all you have to do is update the URL in your outgoing webhook configuration.

If your previous URL looked like:

then you just need to update it to

That’s about it. Simple, right?

If you have questions or are having trouble getting it working, feel free to hit me up on twitter at @tlef.

Have a great day and happy adventuring! 🛡️ 🐉